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SPeaking engagements

Outside of my normal work at StudioHawk, I enjoy discussing and sharing elements of my business journey or SEO knowledge with others.

While I give many different talks in each category, my knowledge and expertise are centred around business & SEO.

Below I have outlined what you can expect from a business talk I may give or an SEO talk I might do.








Business talks

As you might have seen on this website or others, I have certainly had an interesting journey in business. Coming from a background of spending time on the streets and couch surfing when I was 17, I have built my way up through sheer passion and resilience to where I am today still only aged 24.

I have been fortunate enough to be able to talk about that journey at many different business conferences around the world, having spoken across Malaysia, England, Australia, Germany, and the Netherlands, as well as my involvement with EO (Entrepreneurs Organisation) and YPO (Young Presidents Organisation). 

Whether you are looking for stories of resilience, hardship, perseverance, or passion, I share the full breadth of my journey and the learning I have gained along the way, perfect for any conferences or workshops where you want to foster deeper connections, all proceeds are donated to the Lighthouse foundation for youth homelessness.

SEO talks

My true love in life is SEO, and by extension, talking about it. Even though I have a world class team of SEO specialists around me, I still very much like getting in the trenches on my own websites and clients websites (whenever I am allowed).

Constantly tinkering and tweaking, I have created my own onsite/search intent framework called DIRTy SEO which you might have seen, or otherwise I am always writing whitepapers, my latest being on international SEO.

I am also incredibly passionate about teaching and educating people on proper SEO, founding hawkacademy.co to offer affordable courses to anyone that wants to embrace the world of organic search.

Have a conference, training session, or workshop coming up around SEO?